Roasted Cofee

The Mission

Save Music Venues is an apparel company created by musicians Julian Frampton and Jeremy Harris. In today’s climate, music venues all across the country are in serious jeopardy of closing down for good. We refuse to imagine a world without local live music. Instead of donating to a larger scale Covid-19 relief fund, we have decided to make a direct impact on the venues we personally want to help. And this goes for you too! What better way to raise awareness and help out your local venue than to rock a Save Music Venues tee, hoodie, or mask!

The Product

We have created a shirt, hoodie, mask and more items that we feel represent our mission in a clear and impactful way. With each purchase, 100% of the net proceeds will go to a music venue of your choice!

Save Music Venues is hoping to inspire action that helps prevent local venues from closing their doors for good.

Support Your Favorite Local Venue

The process is simple:

  • On the next page, choose your apparel
  • Then enter the name & location of your favorite venue after you checkout
  • Our team will get in contact with the venue so we can send the proceeds!
  • Help raise awareness by sharing with your friends.

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